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How Do Casino Affiliate Programs Work?

Casino affiliate marketing is the most common way of promotion in the industry. Its key feature is that you deal with affiliates (partners), who, in turn, attract users to your gaming club. iGaming affiliates receive a commission from each player involved in your gaming platform. The main advantage of the casino affiliate network is that you only pay for the successful conversions, which means your budget never goes down. This is a cost-effective solution that is mutually beneficial for you and your partners.

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How to Get Players: Marketing For Casinos

If you own an online casino or just plan to open one, you should know that marketing for casinos is at least 50% of the success of your gaming club. Even if your casino website is perfectly optimized and has a user-friendly interface, you won’t make any profit if players don’t know it exists. Today, you will learn how to choose the suitable online casino marketing strategy and how to get players for your gaming club.

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How to Start an Online Business in South Africa?

It is impossible to find a nation in the world that loves gambling as much as the South Africans do. Online casinos in South Africa are more popular than in any other part of the universe. According to statistics, nearly 80% of the adult population are participating in the national lottery run by the state. It definitely says a lot about the local people’s passion for gambling and the prospects of opening a gaming club there. Consequently, you, as many other enterprising people, may have a logical question: How to start an online business in South Africa? Keep reading, and you will learn all about how to launch a South African Online casino.

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What Is an Online Aggregator for Casinos?

It is useful for every aspiring entrepreneur to have a mentor in order to eliminate the possibility of failure. Such helpers exist in the online gaming business as well, and they are called online aggregators or video game aggregators. It’s sort of a guardian angel who will protect you on your way to opening and operating an online casino. So, what is an online aggregator exactly and what does it do? Let’s figure it out!

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Sports Betting Software Providers: 1xBet & InBet Games

In last week’s article, we told you about the benefits of launching your own sportsbook. It was concluded that sports betting is probably the most promising direction in the iGaming industry. Today, we would like to give an overview of 2 companies that are recognized leaders among betting software providers. 1XBet and InBet Games – these guys have been on the market for a long time to offer the most innovative software for sports betting.

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Sportsbook Solutions: How to Launch a Betting Platform?

Sports betting remains the most popular entertainment activity in the field of gambling through the years. According to the studies, sports betting accounts more than 50% of the total turnover in the whole gaming industry. Now you no longer need to go to the racetrack or a land-based bookmaker’s office to make a bet. You can just take your computer/phone and do it literally in one click on an online betting platform. Today we are going to tell you about the sportsbook solutions and some tips on how to successfuly open your own sports betting platform. 

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A Short Review of Apollo Games Slots Provider

Apollo Games was founded in 2007 in the Czech Republics. It provides slot machine games for sale and mostly is in the business of developing and producing land-based solutions. However, in recent years, the provider has become more proactive in game content development for online casinos.

The main goal of Apollo Games is to provide the iGaming community with an ultimate gaming experience. The premium software for slot machines is well-known and beloved by casino players all around the globe. Thanks to the vast experience in the sphere of slots, Apollo Games’ products and services are user-friendly & high-quality.

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Opening a Casino: Turnkey Casino Solution

When an aspiring entrepreneur wants to start an iGaming business, he/she encounters a huge number of obstacles on the way to success. How to create a website? Where do I get the software? How to deal with the legal issues? Fortunately, there is a Turnkey casino solution. In this case, your partner will lead you by the hand through the harsh but very profitable world of online gambling. Opening a casino will not be a struggle, but a new achievement.

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Aristocrat Games – the Leader in Slots

Since the appearance of slots, this type of gambling has become the most popular in the entire gaming segment. Slots quickly overtook classic casino games, such as blackjack or roulette. Nowadays, slot machines, aka “pokies” in Australia, are widespread throughout the world, both in land-based and online casinos. This article is focused on Aristocrat Games – a pioneer in the genre of slots, as well as online slots software provider with an excellent reputation. 

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Microgaming API: Slot Games for Online Casinos with Catchy Graphics

The developer earned a reputation of the most popular one on the market. Today, Microgaming API is integrated into almost all gaming clubs across the globe. Their team has gone through different stages of business evolution almost like five stages of grief – denial, anger, bargaining, depression and eventual acceptance. Accepting one’s own excellence & prosperity. The Software quality has always been at the highest level. Slot games for online casinos from Microgaming are ones of the most sought-after.