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Blockchain developer and publisher Mythical Games has announced the launch of Mythical Marketplace 2.0.

The launch comes after the Los Angeles-based firm acquired DMarket, the largest marketplace for trading gaming and esports digital assets.

Although the acquisition has been finalised, Mythical Games’ CEO John Linden did not disclose the price of the transaction to the public.

Mythical Marketplace 2.0 is built on Mythical’s new layer-1 Ethereum virtual machine and powered by the Mythos native ecosystem token MYTH.

By integrating DMarkets technology, the new marketplace will feature the trading platform’s blended payment gateway, anti-money-laundering and anti-fraud protection system.

The move to acquire DMarket is seen as a milestone for Mythcial. According to Linden, it makes it the second-largest processor of digital assets on a distributed ledger after the Ethereum mainnet, as of December.


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