Upgaming to launch AI-Powered Online Casino Audit Tool

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Upgaming casino audit tool. There are various things you need to consider when launching your online casino, but more things come out on the surface after you start operating and slowly dive deep into the world of iGaming business. Needless to say, before you launch your online casino, you are conducting the research of your competitors, gaining insights about their Strengths and weaknesses, trying to understand where your competitive edge might be and accordingly plan your marketing and business development strategies.

Nonetheless, as the time passes the initial research becomes less viable. To state the real situation, after gaining a foot on the online casino market, most of the operators fail to remember about the necessity of continuous observation of the competitors.

The Risks of Trusting Your Gut Instincts

Based on Upgaming’s recent study, approximately 60 percent of the operators skip the part of the competitive analysis and trust their inner gut to continue the marketing activities once their casino starts generating profit. According to the same study, only 10% of the operators pursue competitive research on a consistent basis.

Thus, the majority of the operators reach the plateau by just stopping thinking about the ways that can improve their profits. As of today, +90% of operators are using white label and turnkey solutions to run their iGaming businesses. Based on our research, white label providers often skip necessary optimization parts when designing the website. These problems can be easily fixed but operators have to make the request for fixing these problems.

For example, most of the white label platforms aren’t pagespeed optimized (increased bounce rate, lost organic traffic). On the other hand, it’s not just about web optimization, sometimes operator’s traffic isn’t hedged properly. In most of the cases they receive major part of their traffic from either single source or single channel, they don’t conduct A/B test and we understand their reasoning behind this – “when affiliates and display drive traffic why waste our time on other channels?” As a result, a couple of issues emerge, pile together and create bigger problems or rather opportunities waiting to be used.

For instance, we have seen operators losing 25% of their customers just because of the unoptimized page speed (That’s a huge opportunity). We have also noticed 30% of the organic traffic lost when affiliates rank for the branded keyword of the online casinos. In fact, one of the tested casinos was constantly losing 4000 direct visitors for just a single keyword. Is that bad? No, the casino still got the traffic but got it from the affiliate. Can it be better? Yes, if the online casino was ranked for the keyword instead of the affiliate.

To cut it short, there are a variety of small nuances and factors we’ve noticed that impede the growth of online casinos. We have seen loads of traffic that is lost due to such small factors. When you take all of them combined, you are able to see how it causes your casino to miss the potential for growth and increased performance.

Upgaming’s online casino audit tool – how Upgaming can help online iGaming operators

That’s a small part of the reasons why Upgaming is working on its brand-new casino and sportsbook audit tool that will help operators to analyze their performance by multiple metrics, compare it with their competitors’ data and create actionable plans for their online casino’s development.

By deploying our online casino audit tool, you can get extensive, comprehensive research about your online casino and your competitors. Some of the criterions included in the research provided by our tool will be top 5 competitors’ websites audits, affiliate opportunities, missed traffic channels and opportunities, gaming content opportunities, sportsbook opportunities, SEO audit and finally actionable plan from business development and marketing teams.

To specify, it will give you information about the competitor dynamics, including identifying the key differentiators and potential weaknesses in rival casinos that can be exploited to gain a competitive edge. Regarding your casino’s search engine optimization (SEO) performance, in our research, you will be able to see areas for improvement and actionable recommendations to boost search engine rankings and increase organic traffic. Moreover, you’ll be able to see untapped traffic channels and get detailed information with the tips for the improvement of your online casino gaming content and sportsbook.

The research you will get will be produced by the combination of AI forces and by our business development team. Our tool utilizes the state-of-the-art artificial intelligence (AI) mechanisms and expert insights from Upgaming’s business development, technical and marketing teams.

In specific, Upgaming’s online casino audit tool harnesses the power of AI to process vast amounts of data and generate insights at top speed and big scale. Our AI algorithms will analyze the performance metrics, competitor strategies, SEO data, and affiliate opportunities to provide actionable recommendations for your online casino’s growth. However, it goes beyond AI-generated insights, as our business development, marketing and technical teams play a crucial role in refining the research and ensuring its relevance and accuracy. This human touch allows the tool to deliver a comprehensive and tailored analysis that caters to the unique needs and objectives of the operator.

This powerful combination provides a comprehensive analysis of your online casino’s performance. Upgaming’s announced date for the launch of the tool is June 1st. However, before that date, any existing operator can join the queue and be the first to receive the report.