The Complete Guide to Online Gambling Jurisdictions and How They are Changing the Game

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Online gambling is an industry that is rapidly growing in popularity, but it’s not without its problems. Many countries are still struggling to find ways to make it legal, while others have banned it altogether. There are many different opinions on how best to regulate this industry with online gambling jurisdictions. And there isn’t yet an answer on what will happen to this industry in the future.

What is an Internet Gambling License Exactly?

An Internet gambling license is a license to provide online gambling and betting services to customers by law. The holder of the license is authorized to provide iGaming services in that online gambling jurisdiction. According to Robert Tuchman, a professor at Columbia Law School, “The status of an Internet gambling license is in most cases more significant than the ordinary casino gaming license and could have a more far-reaching impact on governments’ ability to regulate online gambling.”

How Can I Operate My Virtual Gaming Club Without a License?

Planning to open your own online casino, but do not want to deal with the hassle of obtaining a gaming license? Some online gambling jurisdictions require a gaming license to operate a virtual gaming club enterprise. However, the process of acquiring the license is usually very long and complicated. And it is not available in all locations.

The Crypto Casino Solution provides an alternative to this problem. It allows you to operate without an Internet gambling license & online betting license by providing a platform for players to gamble with tokens and coins as currency, which are regulated by the blockchain technology and not any particular online gambling jurisdiction.

The process is simple: the customer deposits his or her cryptocurrency into a wallet, the casino will then convert it into fiat currency and transfer it to the customer’s casino account in exchange for their winnings. This solution is not only cheaper but also more secure than regular fiat online casinos as you do not have to worry about government restrictions & banking regulations.

The smart & technologically savvy entrepreneur should be looking for ways to reduce the cost of operating a casino. They also should be looking for ways to reduce the level of bureaucracy involved & take their business online. This blockchain-based crypto casino solution helps you to operate without the need of an online betting license. It also allows you to expand your reach by attracting players from all over the world.

internet gambling license, online betting license

What Is the Difference Between Internet Gambling License & Online Betting License?

The Internet gambling license is required for the company to offer any kind of iGaming services. On the other hand, an online betting license is required for the company to offer sports-related bets. The difference between them is that the former is issued by a gaming authority whereas the latter is issued by a gaming commission according to online gambling jurisdiction.

Online gambling and online betting are two different things. The former is a game of chance, where the outcome is determined by chance & luck of a player. On the other hand, the latter is a game of skill where the outcome depends not only on luck, but also on the bettor’s knowledge of sports, sports teams & players, and more.

How to Operate Your Casino Completely Legally?

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